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LG U+ Partners with Kukje Electric Mfg. to Deploy LTE-R on Seoul Metro 9

Source: Wikipedia

LG U+ has announced its partnership with Kukje Electric Mfg.  to deploy LTE-R on Seoul Metro 9.

LTE-R is a wireless communication system that optimizes LTE, the fourth-generation wireless communication technology, for the railway environment.

It is recognized as a critical infrastructure for safe train operations due to its ability to provide voice, video, and data services.

Seoul Metro 9 plans to deploy LTE-R technology in stations, depots, and control centers to enhance the safety of more than 150 million passengers annually.

The first phase of the Line 9 LTE-R project is scheduled to be implemented by December 2024.

It will cover 25 stations (25.5 kilometers) from Gaehwa Station to Sinnonhyeon Station, including major transfer stations such as Gimpo Airport, Dangsan, Yeouido, Noryangjin, and the high-speed terminal.

The deployment of LTE-R in the first phase of Seoul Metro 9 is expected to improve passenger safety and management convenience for security personnel significantly.

Before entering the station, guards can see the platform screen from a distance of 400 meters. This will allow them to closely inspect the area around the screen door for anomalies and signs of security incidents.

Video surveillance images in the cars will be shared in real-time with the train driver, the control center, and the safety management room, enabling quick responses to emergencies.

LG U+ aims to implement the “Seoul Metro 9 LTE-R Control Center” at the same level by utilizing technologies and equipment previously verified through the Seoul Metro LTE-R construction project.

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