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Source: LINE Corporation

LINE Corporation has expanded its advertising reach by serving ads on LINE Receipts, targeting users interested in financial management.

LINE Receipts is a popular LINE communication application and related services feature.

LINE Ads, the company's managed advertising platform, has been serving targeted ads on many LINE services since 2016, including LINE Manga, LINE Shopping, LINE Wallet, and more.

Since its inception, LINE Ads has served ads to more than 72,000 ad accounts, demonstrating its significant presence in the digital advertising market.

The recent move to serve ads on LINE Receipts, a receipt management service, is a strategic move to tap into a highly budget-conscious user base.

A popular feature with over 47 million monthly users, LINE Receipts helps users manage their expenses by digitizing their receipts using Works Mobile Japan's AI-OCR service, CLOVA OCR.

This feature has been praised for its adequate daily savings and efficient expense management tools. The service has registered over 3 million users and captured over 240 million receipts.

Including LINE Receipts in the ad distribution network allows advertisers to reach a highly aware demographic of household budgeting.

This expansion of LINE Ads underscores the company's vision of leveraging the platform's multifaceted communication potential to create valuable touchpoints for users and businesses.

In addition, LINE Ads allows for the distribution of ads on the LINE Ad Network, which reaches over 10,000 applications, making it an efficient platform for advertisers with limited budgets.

This ability to track ad placements, distribution goals, and effectiveness ensures that advertisers can align their campaigns with sales forecasts and goal attainment.

This latest move by LINE Corporation reflects a broader trend in the digital advertising industry to create more targeted and personalized ad experiences by tapping into users' daily habits and preferences.

As LINE continues to evolve its advertising platform, it remains a company to watch for technology and business investors and strategists.