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LINE Launches Global NFT Marketplace DOSI Out of Beta


Seongnam, South Korea - LINE NEXT announced the launch of the official version of DOSI. 

Previously a beta service, the global NFT platform is now transformed into a full-fledged digital commerce platform. 

It's now available in 180 countries.

The Details

  • User base and transactions: Since its beta launch in September 2022, DOSI has attracted more than 5.5 million users worldwide and recorded 560,000 transactions.
  • Product variety: The platform offers over 20 million digital products, including service memberships, in-game items, and tickets.
  • Mobile App Accessibility: DOSI is accessible through web browsers and mobile apps, with the Android version currently available and the iOS version coming soon.
  • Support: The platform supports multiple login options and mobile payment methods such as Naver Pay, LINE Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and virtual assets.

How it works

  • Integration with LINE NFT: DOSI is integrated with LINE NFT, a Japanese NFT marketplace, allowing users to purchase products from various brands and games.
  • Membership Products: Over 20 startup membership products are available, including SuperPlat, Quantrack, inDJ and FLDA.
  • GAME DOSI integration: The gaming platform GAME DOSI is now part of the DOSI app, facilitating the trading of game items from both Web2 and Web3 games.
  • DOSI SDK: LINE NEXT offers a DOSI Software Development Kit for Web2 brands and services to transition to Web3.

What They Say:

Youngsu Ko, CEO of LINE NEXT, emphasized DOSI's goal of standardizing technology to take ownership of digital products and provide relatable services to general users.

In December, LINE NEXT received a $140 million investment from a consortium of Crescendo Equity Partners to expand its Web3 services.