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LINE Securities: My Number Card for Easy ID Verification

Source: LINE Corp

LINE Securities has launched a new service that provides real-time identity verification and authentication by reading users’ My Number cards.

The service, called “LINE Pay public personal authentication service,” is offered by LINE Pay and makes it easy for users to open an account with the company.

This service uses the “e-NINSHO” public personal authentication service, which is certified by the relevant minister and provided by Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI), to verify and authenticate the identity of users.

The new service, “My Number Card Reading,” can be used with NFC (Near Field Communication) smartphones.

With the increasing adoption of the My Number card by the Japanese government, the service aims to improve convenience for citizens and digital transformation for efficient administration.

With My Number Card Reading, users can hold their smartphone over the My Number card, at which point the information on the IC chip is read and automatically entered.

This eliminates the need to take and upload photos of proof of identity and enter addresses, making account opening faster and more convenient. 

LINE Securities’ move to introduce a secure and efficient identity verification process, such as the My Number Card Reading Service, aligns with the general trend for financial institutions to improve digital identity verification to meet the growing demand for online financial services.

It also provides users a secure and efficient service, which is paramount for any financial institution.

LINE Securities has stated that it will continue improving its services to provide securities services supported by users of all working generations, from beginners to experienced investors.

The company is committed to providing users with a seamless and secure service that aligns with the digitalization trend in the financial sector.

LINE Securities Launches My Number Card Reading service for secure and efficient ID verification”