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LINE Unveils AI-Generated 3D Characters for Profile Studio

Source: LY Corporation

Tokyo, Japan - LINE has launched an "AI 3D Characters" feature within its "LINE Profile Studio" service. 

This new feature allows users to create 3D character images that resemble themselves as protagonists in various story settings, all generated by artificial intelligence.

Users simply upload 8 to 12 facial photos to use the feature, and the AI will generate 60 unique 3D character visuals. 

With six different world themes available, users can see themselves as the main character in various stories. 

The generated images can be set as LINE profile pictures, downloaded as wallpapers in chat rooms, or shared on various social media platforms.

The package, which costs 250 LINE Coins, provides users with 60 AI-generated images in a short amount of time. 

However, it is essential to note that using photos of someone other than yourself violates the LINE Profile Studio Terms of Service.

LINE Profile Studio aims to provide users with a variety of content that utilizes advanced technologies such as AI to simplify and enhance self-expression on the platform. 

The Company intends to expand its offerings further, including cooperation with other services, to enrich user profiles and promote communication among friends.

As AI advances, more companies will likely adopt similar features to engage users and provide personalized experiences.