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LINE Yahoo Launches AI and Data Reskilling for Corporations

Photo by Scott Graham / Unsplash

Tokyo, Japan - LINE Yahoo Corporation (LY Corp) has partnered with technology training company Kiramex to launch a new "Data and AI Utilization Human Resource Development Program" for companies. 

The program aims to develop "digital human resources" by teaching skills such as utilizing generative AI and big data in business operations and programming, even for beginners.

The program offers four courses tailored to the different needs of companies: "AI Utilization Academia" (standard and abbreviated versions), "Web Application Development Course" and "Data Utilization Basics Course." Companies can choose the most relevant course for their needs.

LY Corp. aims to accelerate further reskilling in Japan by expanding its corporate offerings. 

According to a government study, Japan could face an IT talent shortage of up to 790,000 people by 2030. 

Meanwhile, more than 70% of IT workers surveyed feel that reskilling is necessary for their careers, but more than 70% also responded that their companies do not provide reskilling support. 

Programming languages, AI/machine learning, and data analytics were the most popular reskilling topics.

The rise of generative AI will also impact the way people work. 

While AI promises benefits such as improved efficiency, an OECD survey found that about 60% of workers are concerned about AI-related unemployment.