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LINE's 'AI Selfie': Revolutionizing Personal Communication

Source: LINE Corproat

Why it matters: LINE Corporation's latest addition, the "AI Selfie" feature, integrates artificial intelligence into its communication app, offering a new application of AI in personal communication.

This development could change how users engage with each other and themselves within the app.

Key Points:

  • LINE Corporation's "AI Selfie" works within the app's "Profile Studio," using AI to generate different styles of visual images based on users' photos.

  • Users can choose from "Basic," "Fantasy," and "Art" styles for their AI selfies, which can be set as their profile picture or shared on various platforms.

  • The service is offered in two packages: generating 100 images in 24 hours for 130 LINE Coins or the same amount in less time for 260 LINE Coins.

  • The feature always produces exceptional results, even when using the same photo, encouraging creative self-expression.

The Big Picture: The AI Selfie feature is an example of the increasing integration of AI into standard app features.

As a critical element of the LINE app's user experience strategy, AI Selfie brings enhanced personalization and interaction capabilities.

This development marks another step in LINE's ongoing efforts to optimize its communication features and reaffirms its commitment to maintaining and strengthening the connection between its users.