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Lost in Starlight: Netflix's First K-animated Love Tale

Source: Netflix

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is embarking on a new celestial journey with its first Korean-language animated film, Lost in Starlight.

This enchanting love story will feature the vocal talents of K-drama stars Kim Tae-ri and Hong Kyung, who are already making waves with their on-screen chemistry.

Love Beyond the Stars:

"Lost in Starlight takes the concept of a long-distance relationship to astronomical heights as the love story between astronaut Nan-young and musician Jay unfolds across the distance between Earth and Mars.

Fresh from their recent success in the K-horror series "Revenant," Kim and Hong's undeniable chemistry will transcend to a new medium.

A voice from the stars:

Celebrated for her diverse roles in films such as "The Spacesweepers," "Twenty-Five Twenty-One," and "Alienoid," Kim Tae-ri enters the world of voice acting as scientist Nan-young.

Her character's deep connection to space, driven by her mother's disappearance during a Mars probe, passionately leads her to pursue interstellar exploration.

Music and Memories:

Hong Kyung, a rising talent known for "Innocence," "D.P.," and "Weak Hero Class 1," voices the character of Jay, a musician and retro instrument repairman.

A chance meeting with Nan-young, sparked by an old turntable, turns into a love story that must withstand the vast emptiness of space.

Artistry in Animation:

They are directed by writer-director Han Ji-won, who has already impressed with her short films "Kopi Luwak," "Clearer than You Think" and "The Sea on the Day When the Magic Returns," the film promises a tender and nuanced love story.

Her participation in the Sundance Film Festival is a testament to her cinematic prowess.

Who produces the content

Climax Studio, the force behind global Netflix series such as "Hellbound," "D.P." and "JUNG_E," is overseeing the production of "Lost in Starlight."

The studio's collaboration with Netflix is poised to bring K content to a broader international audience.

An Interstellar Romance:

The film aims to capture hearts with the story of two young lovers whose affection must bridge the seemingly insurmountable distance between Earth and space.

The longing and yearning for a connection transcending physical boundaries will undoubtedly resonate with audiences of all ages.