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Lotte Introduces AI Translation for Foreign Shoppers

Source: Lotte Department Store

Seoul, South Korea — Lotte Department Store has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) interpretation service at its Jamsil store to accommodate the growing number of international shoppers. 

The service, launched on April 19, aims to improve the shopping experience for foreign customers by providing real-time translation in 13 languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and German.

The AI interpretation service, powered by SK Telecom's Transtalker solution, has been installed at information desks on the first floor of Avenuel Jamsil and the basement floor of Lotte World Mall. 

Foreign customers can ask questions in their native language on a transparent LED display, and their requests are instantly translated into Korean for the staff. 

The staff's responses are then translated into the customer's language and displayed on the screen.

The introduction of this service comes as Lotte Department Store's Jamsil branch has seen a significant increase in foreign shoppers, with sales to international customers doubling in 2022 compared to the previous year. 

In the first quarter of 2024, sales have increased by more than 50% compared to last year. 

Jamsil's in-store information desks now handle an average of 700 international customer inquiries daily.

The retailer's strategic use of AI technology positions it to capitalize on the growing trend of foreign tourists seeking premium shopping experiences in South Korea.