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MOONCHILD Joins Weverse: A New Era of Fan Interaction

Source: Weverse Company

Weverse, the dynamic global fandom community platform, has recently unveiled its newest addition, the Japanese girl group MOONCHILD.

The youthful Gen-Z ensemble, consisting of ANRI, UWA, RUAN, MIRANO, and HANA, is the delightful result of the extensive audition program "iCON Z ~ Dreams for Children~."

The group burst onto the music scene with their debut mini album, "DELICIOUS POISON," on May 3, 2023, and has since captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

To bridge the distance between them and their fans, MOONCHILD has launched its official Weverse community.

This platform will act as a virtual hangout where fans can interact with the group through posts, live streams, and exciting media content.

To celebrate the launch of the MOONCHILD community, Weverse is hosting a week-long hashtag event from May 9th to May 15th.

Fans are invited to post a welcome message with the hashtag "#WELCOME_MOONCHILD" to win a coveted autograph from all members. The lucky winner will be announced on May 30th.

Weverse, which already hosts around 80 official communities for local and international artists, continues to evolve and promote vibrant communication between artists and fans.

By continuously expanding its services to support various media content and commerce functions, Weverse is solidifying its position as a global platform for fandom life.

For MOONCHILD fans, the Weverse community will provide a rich, immersive experience beyond music.