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Naver BAND's New Profile Features: A Shift Towards Personalization

Source: Naver Corp

Seoul, South Korea - Community platform by Naver, Naver BAND, recently announced a series of changes to its profile service.

These changes come in response to a growing focus on individual member profiles rather than just the themed bands or groups that users can join.

Why it matters:

Naver BAND's changes to its user profiles reflect a broader shift in the platform's strategy, emphasizing personalization and user-centric features.

The Key Points.

  • Profiles now feature a photo card design that highlights user-selected photos.
  • A new system allows users to maintain a chronological history of profile photos.
  • Enhanced notifications increase the visibility of members within their respective BANDs to improve communication.

For those interested in more varied content, the "Story" feature coming in November is worth noting.

This feature will allow users to create profiles with various content types, including text, images, and clips.

What they say

In the press release, Jungmin Lee, CIC of Naver Community, clarified the intent behind these updates.

Lee emphasized the platform's ambition to allow members to document and share personal moments, whether family events or travel.

With profiles visible only to other BAND members, the goal is to foster a more authentic and connected user environment.