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Naver Cloud Adds CLOVA Studio, NeuroCloud to B2B AI Offerings

Source: Naver Cloud

Seoul, South Korea - Naver Cloud, a subsidiary of Naver, has launched two new enterprise AI products: CLOVA Studio and NeuroCloud for HyperCLOVA X

The offerings leverage Naver's HyperCLOVAX, a large-scale AI system unveiled in August 2022.

Why It Matters:

Naver Cloud has expanded its AI service offerings to CLOVA Studio and NeuroCloud. 

The new services are part of a strategic shift to focus on enterprise solutions and come at a time when enterprise adoption of AI is on the rise.

The Key Points

  • They are expanding Naver Cloud's HyperCLOVA X AI platform from a B2C to a B2B model.
  • Since February 2022, CLOVA Studio has attracted interest from more than 1,000 companies.
  • With CLOVA Studio, companies can build custom AI models for specific use cases, such as workflow automation. NeuroCloud provides a hybrid cloud infrastructure for training AI models.
  • The offering leverages HyperCLOVA X, which handles multilingual natural language and programming languages, enabling a wide range of AI applications.
  • NeuroCloud for HyperCLOVA X is designed for enhanced data security within enterprise networks.
  • Naver Cloud is positioning itself as a leader in enterprise generative AI amid competition from AWS and Microsoft Azure.

What They Say

"As AI becomes increasingly important, there is a growing need to build enterprise-specific generative AI models, which Naver Cloud's enterprise services can help solve," said Kwak Yong-Jae, Naver Cloud CTO.

What's next?

The launches signal Naver Cloud's shift from a consumer to an enterprise focus as it seeks new revenue streams that leverage Naver's AI innovations. 

Naver Cloud is expected to launch a dedicated service, CLOVA Studio Exclusive, in the coming months.