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NAVER D2SF Backs MOVIN: Markerless Motion Capture Tech

Source: MOVIN

Seoul, South Korea - NAVER D2 Startup Factory (D2SF), the early-stage investment arm of NAVER, recently announced its investment in MOVIN, a startup specializing in real-time markerless motion capture technology. 

MOVIN's development is focused on using 3D LiDAR sensors to facilitate motion capture, a technology that could transform multiple industries.

Why It Matters:

Innovative technology: MOVIN's technology, which uses a single LiDAR scanner for 3D motion capture, eliminates the need for physical markers. This approach could significantly reduce the cost and complexity associated with traditional motion capture methods.

Strategic Investment: D2SF's investment in MOVIN reflects a strategic focus on emerging technologies despite broader economic challenges. This is consistent with D2SF's history of investing in startups with the potential for significant technological advancements.

Potential Market Impact: MOVIN's technology has applications in several industries, including gaming, augmented reality, and others, which could lead to new advancements in these fields.

The Key Points:

  • Founded by KAIST Ph.D. students, MOVIN has developed a unique AI model for motion capture.
  • The technology represents a significant shift from traditional motion capture methods, which are often expensive.
  • MOVIN's work was recently presented at the Pacific Graphics 2023 conference and SIGGRAPH.
  • The company is developing MOVIN3D Studio, with a closed beta planned for 2024.

What They Say:

Naver D2SF expressed confidence in MOVIN's future growth, citing the progress made during incubation. 

MOVIN's founders, with 3D graphics and LiDAR software expertise, have also worked with industry leaders such as Meta and NAVER's JET robotics unit. 

The company has made rapid progress since joining the D2SF incubator in July.

What Comes Next:

Naver D2SF plans to continue investing in technology startups through 2024. 

MOVIN's development is part of a broader trend of investing in AI and technology startups, as evidenced by D2SF's previous investments, including AI vision startup OddEye. 

Additionally, D2SF portfolio company Crowdworks completed an IPO in 2022, marking another milestone in D2SF's investment strategy.