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Source: Kakao Corp

Why It Matters: The interactions between major South Korean tech companies and globally recognized AI experts are pivotal in the nation's commitment to AI advancements.

Naver and Kakao's separate meetings on April 20 with Stanford University Professor Andrew Ng, a renowned figure in the field of artificial intelligence, highlight this commitment.

The Key Points

  • Naver's interaction: At its 1784 headquarters, Naver provided Prof. Ng with an overview of its AI initiatives. The discussion focused on HYPERCLOVAX, a specialized AI developed for Korean language and culture nuances. Naver also introduced CLOVA Studio, a platform for large-scale AI deployment.
  • Collaborative Discussion Both Naver and Prof. Ng discussed various topics, from potential collaborations with AI startups to expanding the global AI ecosystem. The session culminated in a tour of Naver's 1784 facility, which showcased various technological innovations.
Source: Naver Corp
  • Kakao's Engagement: An in-depth fireside chat was held at Kakao's Pangyo headquarters. Prof. Ng shared insights on the development of AI, highlighting areas such as the generative AI market and the principle of "responsible AI."
  • The discussion was part of Kakao's ongoing initiative to raise awareness of AI's ethics and societal implications.

The Big Picture: These interactions reflect South Korea's strategic positioning in the expanding field of AI.

As tech giants Naver and Kakao dialogue with eminent AI experts like Prof. Ng, the potential for collaborative innovation grows.

Such partnerships could strengthen the national AI sector and contribute meaningfully to the global AI discourse.