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NAVER Launches Game Streamer CHZZK Amid Twitch Exit in Korea

Source: Naver Corp

Seoul, South Korea - NAVER has launched the beta test of its game streaming platform CHZZK, which is scheduled to start on December 19. 

How has Naver developed its game business penetration so far? 

NAVER, a provider of various community services such as knowledge innovation, blogs, and cafes, is now venturing further into gaming. 

The company has developed a gaming community that connects game companies, creators, and users. 

Existing NAVER services provide game-related information, such as the Game Lounge and Esports page.

What is CHZZK?

The CHZZK platform is designed to support real-time interaction between streamers and users. 

CHZZK will introduce features focused on service stability and user experience during its beta phase, including 1080p 60fps high-definition streaming, VOD replay, TTS voice sponsorship, and CHZZK Studio for streamer engagement. 

Integration with other NAVER services will enhance CHZZK's role in the gaming community.

Market Dynamics: Twitch's Retreat

Twitch, which Amazon owns, has cited high operating costs and network fees in South Korea as the primary reason for exiting the market. 

The game streaming market, estimated to be worth $114 billion, presents distinct challenges, as evidenced by Twitch's reduced video quality and the discontinuation of its VOD service.

Twitch's exit represents a shift in the global game streaming industry, highlighting the difficulty of maintaining operations in international markets. 

Opinions vary on the reasons for Twitch's exit, with some pointing to high costs and others suggesting broader strategic decisions within Amazon.

Outlook and Industry Impact

The launch of NAVER's CHZZK and Twitch's exit are reshaping the game streaming landscape in South Korea. 

As NAVER prepares for the official launch of CHZZK, its impact on the market and its ability to meet specific South Korean requirements will be scrutinized.