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Naver Map Update Focuses on Public Transit Navigation

Source: Naver

Seoul, South Korea - Naver (KRX: 035420) has released an update to its Naver Map application that includes the Transit Directions feature. 

The move is a strategic response to the growing need for more efficient and user-friendly public transportation navigation tools.

Why It Matters:

This addition is a strategic move to refine the urban commuting process. 

The use of real-time data to facilitate public transportation navigation marks a critical shift in the app's functionality.

The enhancements aim to simplify and streamline the daily commute for city dwellers.

The Key Points

  • Get On/Off Reminder: Alerts users of upcoming stops, reducing the likelihood of missed boardings.
  • Route Guide Bar: Displays the user's current location on their route.
  • Stop and Station Information: Detailed information about remaining stops or subway stations.
  • Train Door and Metro Exit Locator: Helps users identify exact train doors and subway exits for faster transfers.

What They Say:

Eunsil Lee, head of Naver Map Services, emphasizes the company's goal of becoming a comprehensive navigation tool. 

The integration of public transport directions with the 'walk along' service, which provides continuous navigation around the use of public transport, exemplifies this goal.

What Comes Next:

Looking ahead, Naver Map will refine its real-time location engine to better align with public transportation schedules. 

It will also focus on improving its voice guidance capabilities, especially for disabled and elderly users, underscoring the app's commitment to accessibility.