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NAVER Premium Content Sees Surging Growth in Paid Subscribers and Content Transactions

Photo by Zaid Ajani / Unsplash

Naver (KRX: 035420) reported growth in its premium content platform.

The platform allows users to subscribe to various content and creators to sell their content on Naver.

The platform, launched in February 2022, now has more than 1,100 active channels.

The number of premium content subscribers in the past year has increased by 170%, and monthly content transactions have increased tenfold.

Naver has continuously tried to improve the service by introducing coupon options and an annual pass to enhance the sales strategy for creators and provide them with better data management.

The platform has also expanded its reach to subscribers through communities and notifications and increased the content in Naver’s services.

Some channels with premium content have reportedly generated hundreds of millions of won in monthly revenue.

Others, however, have expanded their business model by publishing books based on their serialized content.

To celebrate the first anniversary of its premium content platform, Naver is holding a “Happy Premium Day,” where users will receive complimentary subscriptions, vouchers, and a chance to earn Naver Pay points.

Naver will continue to expand the paid content market and support individual creators, said Kim Eun-Jung, head of the premium content platform.

Pickool sells paid content for Korean readers on Naver’s premium content platform.

Pickool has the most paid subscribers in the Tech/IT category.

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