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Naver Webtoon's "Filter Like Webtoon" Transforms Photos Into Webtoon Art

Source: Naver

Why it matters: Naver Webtoon, a leader in digital comics, has demonstrated the potential of AI to enhance user interaction and content creation with its new "Filter Like Webtoon" service.

With the feature allowing users to transform personal photos into Webtoon-like artwork, this initiative could set recent trends in the industry and expand Naver Webtoon's global reach.

Key Points:

  • "Filter Like Webtoon" created over 20 million converted images within a week of its beta launch, signaling high user engagement and acceptance of AI-based features.

  • Although only available in Korean, the service has attracted a large international audience, with 80% of total users coming from overseas, demonstrating the cross-cultural appeal of such innovative services.

  • The international response has led Naver Webtoon to explore the development of a global version of the service. This move has already contributed to a 480% increase in daily new users of the Naver Webtoon application over the previous week.

  • The service uses Naver Webtoon's proprietary "Xpider for image" filtering technology to maintain a safe and respectful environment by screening out inappropriate images.

The Big Picture: This development aligns with Naver Webtoon's overall strategy to support the creative ecosystem and enhance user interaction.

Together with other technologies in development, such as WebtoonMe, Naver Webtoon is positioning itself as a leader in integrating content and technology to improve user engagement.

In addition, the company's commitment to fostering interaction between creators and fans could shape the future of the global digital comics industry.