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Naver Works Surpasses 4.5 Million Users, Plans to Develop AI Super app.

Source: Naver Cloud

Naver Cloud has announced that its workplace collaboration tool, Naver Works, has surpassed the 4.5 million user mark worldwide.

The company plans to develop Naver Works into an AI super app that aggregates all tasks.

The feature to connect external users to Naver Works has received a great response.

Currently, 840,000 external users are connected to Naver Works, and 21 million are related to LINE Messenger.

Naver Works has achieved overwhelming market share and performance in Japan, with annual recurring revenue of over 10 billion yen in the third and fourth quarters of FY22.

The JPY 10 billion ARR milestone was reached seven years after launching the business in Japan.

It is all the more significant because it was achieved with only one product, Naver Works, in a single region in Japan.

Naver Cloud plans to develop Naver Works into an AI super-application by integrating Team Naver’s AI technology and infrastructure into Naver Works.

The company is also preparing the Naver Works AI Assistant, which will provide a personal AI assistant to all professionals.

In this way, Naver Cloud aims to lead the digital transformation of enterprises and evolve Naver Works into an AI super-application required for the operation of smart buildings and smart cities.

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