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Source: Naver Z

Why it matters: South Korean tech company Naver Z has announced an AI avatar event that aims to simplify the content creation process in the metaverse.

By leveraging its generative AI technology, the company aims to increase user engagement and creativity, reflecting a trend among tech companies and potentially influencing the dynamics of content creation.

The Key Points:

  • Announced on June 7, users can create up to 12 AI avatars from up to three real images, such as selfies.

  • The company is offering four themes for avatars: Original, Anime, Figure, and Character.

  • Naver Z combines its content expertise with advanced AI capabilities through its generative AI technology, which is an integral part of this event.

  • Initially, the AI Avatar Event will be limited to South Korea, with plans to expand to other countries such as Japan and Thailand.

The Big Picture: Naver Z's initiative aligns with its broader goal of breaking down barriers to creative activity in the metaverse, with its platform, Zepeto, envisioned as a space for free expression.

The goal of Zepeto is to foster imagination in the metaverse, said Hee-seok Kang, Business Lead of Naver Z.

Especially for investors and strategists, this event could provide new opportunities in the evolving metaverse landscape.