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NAVER's New Logistics Solution, 'The Good Delivery,' Aims to Support Smart Store Sellers

Source: SK Energy

NAVER (KRX: 035420) has partnered with SK Energy and HANJIN LOGISTICS to launch “The Good Delivery,” a logistics service aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on NAVER’s Smart Store platform.

Launched in March, the service is designed to streamline logistics operations for sellers, saving them both time and money.

The Good Delivery collects products from sellers on a regional basis, allowing SMEs to outsource delivery and focus on their core business.

The partnership follows a December agreement between NAVER and SK Energy to develop urban logistics services and collaborate on future technologies.

Goodsflow, a system invested in by SK Energy, will be used in The Good Delivery, while HANJIN LOGISTICS will handle the final delivery of collected goods.

The service focuses on products with a combined three-sided dimension of 80 centimeters and weighing 5 kilograms or less.

Initially, The Good Delivery will operate in selected districts of Seoul, with plans to expand to other areas.

In the medium to long term, NAVER, SK Energy, and HANJIN LOGISTICS aim to establish an urban fulfillment logistics center (MFC) at an SK gas station site and continue collaborating to innovate future logistics technologies using AI cloud computing and robotics.

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