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NCSOFT Unveils VARCO LLM, an AI Leap in South Korea

Source: NCSoft

Pangyo, South Korea - NCSOFT (KRX: 036570), a game developer and publisher based in South Korea, has unveiled its AI language model 'VARCO LLM.'

The announcement underscores the company's focus on generative AI research and development.

Why it matters

  • South Korean Innovation: VARCO is the first language model developed by a South Korean gaming company, in line with South Korea's growing presence in global AI.
  • Global Accessibility: Collaboration with Amazon SageMaker JumpStart makes VARCO available to users worldwide with a one-month free trial.
  • Language Diversity: Plans to launch a Korean-English bilingual model and others reflect the company's attention to different language options.
  • Generative AI Platform: VARCO Studio, including tools such as "VARCO Art," "VARCO Text," and "VARCO Human," demonstrates the company's interest in AI-powered content.

The Key Points

  • Model categories: VARCO's language models are divided into four categories - Foundation, Prompt, Dialogue, and Generative. Effectiveness is related to the size of the parameters.
  • Data Quality for Business: The specific data NCSOFT selects allows for convenient business applications.
  • Multilingual Roadmap: The company's intention to launch a South Korean-English bilingual model signifies its approach to multilingual AI.
  • VARCO Studio Tools: With its various tools, the Studio focuses on increasing game design and art efficiency.

The Big Picture

VARCO is part of NCSOFT's broader approach to using AI technology with various education, finance, and biotechnology partners.

It aligns with the global movement towards the application of AI in multiple fields.

Jehee Lee, Chief Research Officer (CRO) of NCSOFT, noted that "VARCO has a performance level among other South Korean models of similar size available so far." He also stated NCSOFT's intention to use VARCO in various fields, including game content development.

Those interested in technology and gaming may find NCSOFT's AI development noteworthy, as VARCO's potential applications extend beyond the gaming industry.