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NEAR Foundation Partners with SK Inc. C&C for Web3 Expansion

NEAR Foundation - SK Inc. C&C: Leading the Web3 Industry through its First Mainnet Strategic Business Partnership

Seoul, South Korea - In a significant move to expand the Web3 landscape, NEAR Foundation has entered into a strategic partnership with SK Inc. C&C, a dominant player in the global IT industry.

Why It Matters

The alliance aims to expand the capabilities of Web3 through joint research in blockchain technology, networking, and co-marketing efforts.

The Key Points

The collaboration includes joint research in blockchain technology, networking, and co-marketing efforts.

The NEAR protocol provides a transition between public and private blockchains, appealing to companies that value security and accessibility.

Beyond technological integration, the two companies aim to benefit from each other's technical and business growth, primarily as SK Inc. C&C seeks global expansion.

What they say:

Cheol Choi, head of the Web3 and Convergence Group at SK Inc. C&C, mentioned that the partnership would strengthen collaboration with public blockchain companies in various sectors. "This partnership will help expand the Web3 service ecosystem," Choi said.

Marieke Flament, CEO of NEAR Foundation, also commented on the collaboration. "This partnership is expected to pave the way for various use cases and contribute to creating a user-centric ecosystem," she said.

The Big Picture

NEAR Foundation and SK Inc. C&C have entered a strategic partnership to enhance Web3 technologies.

The NEAR protocol, known for its seamless transitions between public and private blockchains, will be integrated with SK Inc. C&C's blockchain platform.

The resulting hybrid Web3 ecosystem aims to combine the strengths of both public and private blockchains.

The partnership extends beyond technology. Both organizations are focused on mutual growth within the Web3 industry.

The NEAR Foundation's network is expected to play a key role in supporting SK Inc. C&C's technological and business goals, especially as the company looks to expand its global footprint.