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NEAR & Mirae: A Strategic Leap into Web3 Finance

Source: Near Foundation

NEAR Foundation Partners with Mirae Asset to Develop Web3 Technology

Why it matters: The Swiss nonprofit NEAR Foundation has partnered with Mirae Asset, a major player in the financial services industry, marking a significant step in developing Web3 technology.

Their collaboration could drive a shift in the global financial paradigm, a development of great interest to observers of the intersection of technology and finance.

Key Points:

  • The NEAR Foundation, developer of the high-performance, carbon-neutral NEAR protocol, has entered into a strategic agreement with Mirae Asset. The latter is a subsidiary of Asia's largest financial group, Mirae Asset Global, with a strong presence in corporate finance, trading, asset management, and private equity investments.

  • Both parties expect the cooperation to strengthen the Web2/Web3 business network. Mirae Asset aims to leverage this partnership to promote the integration of Web3 technology in the financial sector.

  • The NEAR protocol, the core offering of the NEAR Foundation, emphasizes ease of use. Its FastAuth feature emulates the familiar email login process, reducing barriers to adoption.

  • By offering solutions to Web2 companies and developers through its Blockchain Operating System (BOS), NEAR facilitates the initial adoption of Web3, making the new financial ecosystem accessible to established companies and users.

  • Ahn In-sung, Head of the Digital Division at Mirae Asset, and Marieke Flament, CEO of NEAR Foundation, publicly expressed their commitment to the collaboration. Scott Lee, General Manager of the NEAR Korea Hub, emphasized the potential for expanding the Web3 industry through partnerships with industry leaders.

The Big Picture: This strategic partnership highlights the growing interaction between traditional financial institutions and blockchain organizations, signifying the potential for broader adoption of Web3 technologies.

As the NEAR Foundation and Mirae Asset navigate their partnership, their journey could illuminate the path for a more extensive financial sector transformation through blockchain technology.