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NiziU, Unpopular in Korea vs. Popular in Japan.

Source: JYP Entertainment 

The most bizarre phenomenon is now happening in K-Pop. It is the story of NiziU(ニジュー).

We are writing this story because this will be the new normal in the entertainment industry. NiziU(ニジュー) is a girl group for the Japanese market and booming its popularity in Japan. All contents are made in South Korea. All the members are staying in Seoul due to the lockdown as well.

Contrary to popularity in Japan or other countries, South Korean citizens do not recognize them.

How could this happen?

JYP Entertainment has planned a particular girl group for the Japanese market. Even the ownership was by the Korean entertainment company JYP Entertainment; the girl group was composed of all Japanese nationality and recruited from the people in Japan. The audition itself has become the episode and is being played over Hulu Japan and Sukkiri(スッキリ) by Nippon Television.

It was just one of the audition programs in Japan for its 1st season. However, the 2nd season which took in South Korea has hit the jackpot. Due to the pandemic, all schools were closed. The students watched all types of television programs. Naturally, the Japanese students could recognize the NiziU. In contrast to the dark and gloomy pandemic, NiziU positively affected the students.

Japan and South Korea blocked their borders, so the NiziU team had to stay in Seoul. All locations inside their music video were Seoul and its surroundings. NiziU was the first case in South Korea that a Japanese girl group sang in Japanese, but they have no popularity in South Korea.

Within three days of the 1st single album release, NiziU topped 64 music platforms in Japan. They had made the no.1 record for the number of downloads in RecoChoku for daily, weekly, and monthly just in one day.

This is becoming a cultural phenomenon worldwide, except in South Korea.

The Youtube music video,  『Make you Happy 』, surpassed 50 million views in 16 days since its release. The trademark, jump rope dance, is now becoming a phantom phenomenon.

In contrast to this situation, no one recognizes them in Seoul. There is no paparazzi shot of them from Instagram or Youtube. The pickool team researched hashtags for NiziU. There were more than 50,000 posts on Instagram with #niziu, but less than 100 with #니쥬(niziu in Korean).

Source: JYP Entertainment

Most celebrities have been stressed and troubled by the public’s extreme views. The exceptional circumstances created by Pandemics are causing the separation of online and broadcast channels from real channels.

The market is responding to the girl group, NiziU. The Stock price of JYP Entertainment rose from KRW 21,200 to KRW 31,250.

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