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Oasys, Rakuten Wallet Partner to Drive Web3 Gaming Innovation

Source: Oasys

Oasys and Rakuten Wallet Form Partnership Aiming at Web3 in Gaming Industry.

Why it matters: The new collaboration between Oasys, a blockchain tailored for gaming, and Rakuten Wallet, a Japanese crypto exchange service provider, could have a significant impact on the evolving landscape of Web3 in the gaming industry.

The Key Points:

  • The partnership will see Rakuten Wallet expand into the Web3 space as an Oasys validator, potentially enhancing the integration between Rakuten Wallet's existing services and the Oasys ecosystem.
  • Oasys aims to leverage blockchain technology to enhance the gaming experience, with Rakuten Wallet providing staking and validation services for Oasys' proof-of-stake network.
  • The collaboration also aims to leverage Rakuten Wallet's expertise to improve network security and consensus protocol.

The Big Picture: As the Web3 landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like this will likely play a critical role in determining its shape and direction, particularly in the gaming industry.

Oasys, partnered with industry leaders such as SoftBank, KDDI, Nexon, and MIXI, will expand its network by adding Rakuten Wallet.

The move could foster more significant innovation in the Web3 gaming era and open up new opportunities for developers and players.

This partnership symbolizes a significant step in realizing the potential of Web3 technologies in the gaming industry.