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ONDA Partners with Josun Hotels for Booking Tech Upgrade

Source: ONDA

Seoul, South Korea - Hospitality technology startup ONDA has agreed with Josun Hotels & Resorts, a leading hospitality company in South Korea, to develop core reservation management solutions.

Under the partnership, ONDA will provide a centralized reservation system (CRS) and booking engine customized for Josun's operations. 

The CRS will consolidate availability, rate, and member data across Josun's multiple properties into a unified platform to optimize inventory visibility and data-driven decision-making. 

The booking engine will be integrated with the CRS to enable real-time room availability checks and direct bookings from Josun's website.

The collaboration aims to increase operational efficiency and improve the booking experience and guest service at Josun Hotels & Resorts. 

ONDA will gradually roll out its solutions across the hotel chain later this year.

Founded in 2016, ONDA has quickly become a leading hospitality technology provider in South Korea for online accommodation bookings. 

The startup has partnered with major tech players like Airbnb and Google.

The startup is rapidly gaining momentum with recognitions such as the Financial Times Asia-Pacific High-Growth Companies and a top 50 global PMS vendor ranking.