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OpenAI-Rakuten Collaboration: Shaping Online AI Interactions

Source: Rakuten

Tokyo, Japan - Rakuten Group, Inc. announced a collaboration with OpenAI to integrate advanced AI experiences into its online consumer business.

Why It Matters

The move could impact the way consumers and businesses interact online, potentially changing online shopping behavior and merchant operations.

The Key Points

  • Collaboration: with 1.7 billion members worldwide, Rakuten has formalized its intention to collaborate with OpenAI through a Memorandum of Understanding. This partnership aims to deliver advanced AI experiences to consumers and businesses worldwide.
  • Driving Online Engagement: The joint venture aims to revolutionize online shopping behavior and interactions. This collaboration aims to improve the efficiency of merchants and partners in Japan and around the world.
  • Integration and Mutual Opportunities: Rakuten will harness its rich data and domain expertise to weave AI into its product spectrum. OpenAI grants Rakuten preferential access to its APIs in reciprocation, opening avenues for shared commercial prospects.
  • Expanding AI's Role in Business: Businesses can anticipate seamlessly integrating Rakuten's AI functionalities into ChatGPT products via the OpenAI plugin architecture. This allows for more intuitive interactions with AI agents capable of data analysis, business automation, and other tasks.

The Big Picture:

Rakuten, which serves a large ecosystem including 100 million members in Japan, combined with OpenAI's AI capabilities, has the potential to impact the online services sector.

Their combined expertise could influence how millions of users in Japan and worldwide experience online services.