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Rakuten NFT Launches NFT Ticket Feature for Secondary Trading

Source: Rakuten

TOKYO, Japan — Rakuten has launched a new feature, designated as the "NFT Ticket," on its NFT marketplace and sales platform, "Rakuten NFT." 

This feature facilitates the secondary trading of tickets via blockchain technology.

As a preliminary initiative, Rakuten NFT will offer a portion of the tickets for the quarter-finals of the boxing event "PRIZE FIGHTER," scheduled for July 15, 2024, at the Yamato Arena, in the form of NFT Tickets. 

The 50 VVIP seats will be available for purchase on Rakuten NFT. Buyers can specify their seats at the time of sale. 

Purchased NFT tickets may be listed for secondary sale on the Rakuten NFT marketplace until 23:59 on July 14, the day before the event.

The NFT tickets will be sold as a set, including the right to photograph the ring and an event-original T-shirt signed by the boxers.