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Rakuten-OpenAI Unveil AI Business Platform

Source: Rakuten Group

Tokyo, Japan - Rakuten Group has announced a strategic partnership with OpenAI, which is pivotal in the AI sector. 

The partnership centers on the launch of the Rakuten AI for Business platform, which is expected to be operational in 2024. 

The platform's primary goal is to optimize business functions such as sales, marketing, customer support, and strategic planning.

Why It Matters:

The partnership represents a remarkable convergence of Rakuten's broad market presence and OpenAI's expertise in generative AI technology.

Rakuten AI for Business aims to use AI to streamline various business processes and improve business efficiency.

The collaboration could redefine the use of AI in business environments, potentially impacting a wide range of industries.

The Key Points

  • "Rakuten AI for Business" integrates tools such as "Rakuten AI Analyst" for data analysis, "Rakuten AI Agent" for customer service, and "Rakuten AI Librarian" for document analysis.
  • The platform is designed for multi-device accessibility and emphasizes data security through Rakuten's network and cloud technologies.
  • By combining Rakuten's global reach with OpenAI's AI expertise, the company aims to innovate e-commerce and business solutions.

What They Say:

Ting Cai, Chief Data Officer at Rakuten, articulates the platform's ambition to use AI to improve business productivity and societal convenience.

Bryde Lightcap, COO of OpenAI, focuses on the partnership's goal of using AI technologies to improve the internet experience in Japan and provide business solutions.

What Comes Next:

The Rakuten AI for Business platform is expected to be a significant step in applying AI technologies in various business sectors. 

Rakuten's extensive user base and industry diversity, coupled with OpenAI's cutting-edge AI capabilities, suggest the potential for significant impact in e-commerce and other business areas. 

The collaboration is seen as a strategic move to leverage massive data and advanced AI technologies to create new value globally.

This partnership underscores a growing trend of integrating AI into business processes and signals possible future directions in AI applications across industries.