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Robotics in Public Spaces: LG's CLOi ServeBot's Next Step

Source: LG Electronics

LG Electronics ("LG," KRX: 066570) has launched its updated service robot, the LG CLOi ServeBot (model LDLTR30), designed for areas such as restaurants and office spaces, emphasizing its role in streamlining human-robot interactions in public environments.

Why it matters: Introducing advanced robots in public spaces signals an industry shift toward automating routine tasks, potentially freeing up human resources for other jobs.

The Key points:

  • The CLOi ServeBot, initially introduced in 2020, is designed to improve in-person customer service in public spaces.
  • The new version features a 6-wheel design with independent suspension, allowing for stability on different floor surfaces, including carpets and tactile pavement.
  • Equipped with a 3D camera and LiDAR sensor, the robot can navigate through various obstacles and safely transport its contents over uneven terrain.
  • Its updated design offers increased storage capacity with four shelves holding up to 40 kilograms (88 pounds). Additional features such as cup holders and pockets add to its utility.
  • The robot features a 10.1-inch display coupled with a content management system that offers the potential for interactive customer engagement, from displaying promotional content to menu suggestions.

The Big Picture: As technology advances, integrating robotics into everyday environments is becoming more prevalent.

The release of the CLOi ServeBot in markets such as the United States and Japan, and its potential global expansion, point to an increasing reliance on robots to perform tasks in the service industry.