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Samsung SDS Unveils New Features for Digital Logistics Platform, Cello Square

Source: Samsung SDS

Samsung SDS has outlined a roadmap for its digital logistics platform, Cello Square, underscoring its commitment to leading the digital transformation of the logistics industry.

The company unveiled new platform features, including data analytics, automation, and carbon emissions tracking.

Cello Square offers a comprehensive logistics service covering every supply chain aspect, from quoting and booking to tracking and invoicing.

Customers can access these services at the click of a button, facilitating a "digital logistics transformation".

One of the key additions to the platform is data analytics, which mines in-transit freight data to provide detailed transportation information down to the product level.

This data can be used to predict future inventory levels.

The system generates real-time reports on costs and transportation anomalies, allowing customers to drill into logistics costs.

Automation features, including drones for inventory and data entry, have also been added to speed up workflows and reduce labor costs.

Shipping documents are stored on the platform, automatically extracting information using optical character recognition technology.

Additional copies can be automatically generated as needed.

The expansion of services has been further enhanced by Samsung SDS' collaborations with ocean transportation platforms.

These partnerships allow customers to track ocean freight in real-time and access accurate scheduling data.

Connections have also been established with Digital Trucker, a platform that provides booking, dispatching, and payment services for domestic and international trucking.

Cello Square supports customers' ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management to address environmental concerns by estimating the carbon emissions generated throughout the logistics process based on distance and transportation volume.

KOOIL O, Vice President of the Logistics Business Division at Samsung SDS, announced plans to expand Cello Square to major importing countries such as the U.S. and Europe this year and globally next year.