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Source: Samsung Electronics

Seoul, South Korea/Las Vegas, NV - Samsung Electronics has unveiled its new display lineup ahead of CES® 2024, highlighting advances in AI technology. 

The lineup includes QLED, MICRO LED, OLED, and lifestyle displays, all equipped with a new AI processor and protected by Samsung Knox.

The Details

Key features of the 2024 Neo QLED 8K and 4K TVs include the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor. 

This processor with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) offers twice the speed and eight times the number of neural networks compared to its predecessor. Advanced AI-powered features include 8K AI Upscaling Pro, AI Motion Enhancer Pro, and Real Depth Enhancer Pro. 

The TVs also feature a slim design with Infinity Air Design.

For audio technology, Samsung's 2024 Series introduces Q-Symphony, which allows multiple wireless speakers and a soundbar to be connected to TVs or projectors. 

In addition, the Active Voice Amplifier Pro is designed to improve dialog clarity.

Samsung's 2024 Tizen operating system used in the Neo QLED 8K series focuses on personalized content and services. 

It includes Samsung TV Plus with a redesigned user interface and a gaming controller from Performance Designed Products (PDP).

Samsung has expanded the connected experience with Samsung Daily+, a hub for personal training, telemedicine, and video calling services. 

The 2024 TVs also offer more excellent device compatibility within the Samsung ecosystem, including Mobile Smart Connect and 360 Audio, and introduce Vibrary for enjoying high-quality images and music.

Samsung's commitment to accessibility is evident in features such as Audio Subtitle, Remote for Barrier Free, and Relumino Together Mode, designed to assist users with disabilities.

MICRO LED technology offers a transparent screen for both home and business use. 

The OLED TVs, such as the S95D, focus on improved brightness and color accuracy and are designed to reduce glare.

The Lifestyle lineup includes updates to The Frame for an enhanced art viewing experience and The Premiere 8K projector with wireless connectivity. 

The Freestyle 2nd Gen projector supports large-screen projection with Smart Edge Blending.

The 2024 soundbar lineup includes the Music Frame, a customizable speaker, and models like the HW-Q990D and HW-S800D, designed for immersive audio experiences with advanced AI algorithms.

What they say:

"As connectivity increasingly defines modern life, displays now serve a greater purpose beyond visual entertainment." 

said SW Yong, president and head of the visual display business at Samsung Electronics. 

"The company aims to develop AI-enabled screens that integrate with compatible devices, enabling customized digital experiences for different lifestyles."

What's more:

The new lineup demonstrates Samsung's continued investment in display technology across all segments, focusing on customization, connectivity, and accessibility. 

Samsung's 2024 lineup aims to blend technology and design for personalized, immersive user experiences across various products.