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Source: Samsung Electronics

Seoul, South Korea / Las Vegas, NV, USA - Samsung Electronics has been honored with multiple CES® 2024 Innovation Awards from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®. 

Why It Matters:

These awards underscore Samsung's role in advancing technology across multiple segments, particularly mobile devices and home appliances. 

The emphasis on sustainability and innovative technology in Samsung's products reflects the company's adaptation to today's technological demands and environmental concerns.

Which products were awarded? 

  • Galaxy Z Fold5: Recognized in the Digital Imaging/Photography and Mobile Devices categories, this device combines camera features with a foldable design enabled by a flex hinge mechanism. It is designed to facilitate both professional and recreational activities.

  • Galaxy Watch6 Series: Winner in the Fitness & Sports category, the Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic are designed to provide health monitoring and mobile functionality. Features include sleep and fitness tracking and health insights.

  • Galaxy Buds FE: Winner in the Headphones and Personal Audio category, these earbuds combine sound quality, Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), and compatibility with other Samsung devices in an ergonomic design.

  • Samsung Health: Winner in the Mobile Devices category, this app provides health monitoring tools for the Galaxy Watch series. It includes run analysis, safety features, and sleep coaching.

  • Samsung Food: Winner in the AI category, this app uses artificial intelligence to enhance the functionality of Samsung's smart home appliances. It includes personalized recipe suggestions and is integrated with Samsung SmartThings Cooking and Family Hub+ refrigerators.

  • SmartThings Energy: In the smart home category, this feature helps optimize energy use in connected appliances to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint. It includes an AI Energy Mode and a Carbon Intensity Awareness feature.

  • Less Microfiber™ Filter: Award-winning for sustainability, this washing machine filter is designed to reduce the amount of microfibers released during laundering, the equivalent of eliminating eight 500ml plastic bottles per year.

  • Exynos Connect U100: Winner in the Embedded Technologies category, this ultra-wideband (UWB) solution enables location tracking for applications such as AR and VR.

What Comes Next:

The CES Innovation Awards reinforce Samsung's leadership in advancing the consumer technology industry with connected, customizable products and sustainability initiatives. 

This January, look for more details on Samsung's latest innovations at CES 2024 in Las Vegas.