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Samsung's 5nm Process Technology to Power Ambarella

Source: Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics and Ambarella announced that Samsung’s Foundry business would provide Ambarella with 5-nanometer process technology for its CV3-AD685 automotive AI central domain controller.

This collaboration will enhance AI processing performance, power, and reliability for the next generation of autonomous vehicle safety systems.

The CV3-AD685 is the first production version of Ambarella’s CV3-AD family of automotive AI central domain controllers.

Tier 1 automotive suppliers have already announced their intention to offer solutions using the CV3-AD family of system-on-chip (SoC) products.

Samsung’s 5nm process technology is designed for automotive semiconductors and offers exceptional reliability and traceability.

Ambarella has stated that it will rely on Samsung’s proven 5nm process maturity and experience in developing automotive foundry processes, IP, and service packages to enable manufacturers to create advanced innovations in assisted and automated mobility.

The CV3-AD685 integrates Ambarella’s next-generation CVflow® AI engine. This engine delivers 20 times faster neural network processing than previous-generation CV2 SoCs.

The SoC features an “algorithm first” architecture that supports the entire autonomous driving software stack.

This allows information from multiple sensors to be fused for robust L2+ to L4 autonomous driving.

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