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Samsung's Game-Changing Automotive Tech Unveiled at IAA MOBILITY 2023

Source: Samsung Electronics

Munich, Germany: Samsung Electronics has announced its participation in IAA MOBILITY 2023, which will occur from September 5-10.

The conglomerate will showcase a comprehensive range of automotive innovations, highlighting its commitment to redefining connected mobility.

Here are the highlights of the announcement:

Samsung Electronics Highlights:

  • A consolidated presentation of its semiconductor businesses, highlighting the synergies between memory, system LSI, foundry, and LED technologies.
  • Dermot Ryan, President of Device Solutions Europe, Samsung Electronics, expressed Samsung's goal to develop safer and more connected automotive experiences.
  • Samsung will showcase memory solutions for automotive applications, including LPDDR5X, GDDR7, AutoSSD, and UFS 3.1 products.
  • With advancements in in-car entertainment and safety, Samsung will showcase its Exynos Auto V920 processor for infotainment systems and ISOCELL Auto sensors to ensure comprehensive vehicle safety.
  • Samsung Foundry Business will showcase its latest design solutions, with plans to achieve mass production readiness of its four-nanometer process by 2025 and two-nanometer process by 2026.
  • The company will showcase advanced LED solutions, including PixCell LED and next-generation Micro LED technologies.

Samsung Display enters the automotive industry:

  • For the first time at an auto show, Samsung Display will highlight the potential of OLEDs to replace LCDs in automotive applications.
  • The Safe Driving Center will demonstrate the clear advantages of OLEDs over LCDs, especially in low-light conditions.
  • OLED displays, known for their design flexibility, will be shown in various forms, including the Flex S, a multi-foldable display, and other rollable and slidable variants.

Samsung SDI focuses on next-generation battery technologies:

  • Samsung SDI will showcase its "super gap" battery solutions tailored for future electric vehicles.
  • The PRiMX zone will feature innovative products such as all-solid-state batteries, 46-phi cylindrical batteries, and more.
  • An emphasis on sustainability is evident with the unveiling cobalt-free battery solutions and other advanced designs.
  • Yoon-ho Choi, President and CEO of Samsung SDI, highlights Europe's role in shaping the EV industry and confirms Samsung SDI's commitment to meeting European customers' expectations.