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SK Hynix Sets Ambitious Recycling Targets for Semiconductors

Source: SK hynix

Seoul, South Korea - SK Hynix announced an ambitious roadmap to increase the use of recycled and renewable materials in its manufacturing process. 

The company aims to source 25% of the materials used in its semiconductor products from recycled sources by 2025. 

This would include critical metals such as copper, tin, and gold, essential for chip production. 

By 2030, SK Hynix aims to exceed the 30% threshold for recycled materials by total weight.

The company will prioritize metals, which industry experts say make up a significant percentage of the final weight of memory products. 

Plastics, such as the protective packaging materials around finished chips, are another area that will be targeted.

SK Hynix will work closely with partners and suppliers to achieve its goals. 

This includes supporting obtaining independent third-party validation, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14021 certification, to verify the use of recycled materials.

As semiconductors become ubiquitous in everything from smartphones to cars, the environmental impact of chip manufacturing has come under increased scrutiny.

SK Hynix is committed to being a leader in recycling in the semiconductor industry.