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SK Telecom and KT to Unveil Advanced Technologies at MWC23

Source: KT

Two South Korean telcos, SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM, “SKT”) and KT (NYSE: KT) will present their latest technologies at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 in Barcelona/Spain.

SKT will showcase 10 AI technologies and services.

These include the super-sized AI model “A,” AI semiconductors, AI location solutions, AI medical technologies, and UAM technology.

The UAM technology will provide visitors with the experience of flying over Seoul and Busan in the year 2030 in a life-size UAM model airplane.

The airplane is equipped with SKT’s proprietary 4D trajectory-based flight control platform.

SKT will also showcase its advanced communication technologies, including 5G and 6G candidate frequency bands, smart networks, and quantum cryptographic communication technology.

It will also showcase innovative companies that are pursuing ESGs.

Meanwhile, KT will showcase AI, robotics, and next-generation network solutions at MWC23.

The exhibition pavilion at Industry City is organized into three thematic zones: DX Platform, DX Area Expansion, and DX Technology Leading.

DX Platform will showcase KTs AI’s full-stack strategy, which includes its super-scale AI ‘belief,’ open AI R&D portal ‘Genie Labs,’ AI semiconductor manufacturing technologies from Rebellion, and AI infrastructure solutions from Morae.

In the DX Area Expansion Zone, KT will showcase the services of DIGICO KT, which is expanding into various industries, including BC Card’s digital payment platforms and StudioGenie’s original content.

In the DX Technology Leading Zone, visitors can see KT’s robots, including “Robot Maker,” “Delivery Robot,” and “Disinfection Robot.

KT will also showcase advanced network technologies such as ‘MEC (Mobile Edge Computing)’ and ‘RIS (Intelligent Reflective Surface)’ technology, 5G frequency combining, and ‘5G Core on Cloud technology.

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