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SK Telecom, Moloco Launch AI-Powered Ad Platform ASUM 2.0

Source: SK telecom

SEOUL, South Korea — SK Telecom Co., Ltd. (017670. KS), the largest mobile carrier in South Korea, has announced a partnership with the U.S. machine learning solutions firm Moloco to launch an AI-based integrated advertising platform called "ASUM 2.0."

The platform integrates SK Telecom's user data from various services with Moloco's advanced machine learning-based AI technology, thereby enabling highly targeted advertising delivery to advertisers and consumers.

The partnership's objective is to expand the service globally, offering a new advertising technology business model to telecommunications companies worldwide. 

The companies anticipate that the platform will alleviate user fatigue associated with advertisements by providing personalized and relevant content.

SK Telecom and Moloco are members of the K-AI Alliance, dedicated to spearheading the global AI industry through collaboration. 

The partnership is anticipated to demonstrate the potential for collaboration between telecommunications companies and ad-tech firms to challenge the dominance of walled garden advertising platforms.

The company aims to validate this approach and gain a foothold in the global ad-tech market.