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SoftBank Unveils Leica-Engineered 5G Phone: Leitz Phone 3

Source: Leica

Tokyo, Japan - SoftBank announced the exclusive launch of its new 5G smartphone, the "Leitz Phone 3," under the supervision of renowned German camera manufacturer Leica. 

The device, which will be available in stores on April 19, has several features that embody Leica's signature style and expertise in photography.

The Leitz Phone 3 introduces an enhanced "LEITZ LOOKS" mode, which now includes a 6-step variable aperture and two color tone filters. This mode allows users to capture more professional-looking images. 

The camera also features Leica's Perspective Control algorithm for distortion correction and a 14-channel spectral sensor for accurate color reproduction in different shooting scenarios.

Aesthetically, the smartphone features a leather-like back with a diamond pattern and a knurled side design for better grip during photo sessions. 

The device comes pre-installed with original Leica widgets such as "The LFI Widget" and "Golden Hour Widget," which provide photo inspiration and alerts for optimal shooting times.

Powered by the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform, the Leitz Phone 3 offers 512GB of storage and a 5,000mAh battery, allowing users to capture, store and enjoy hours of photos and videos. 

The smartphone also features a 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for enhanced security and a "Charge Share" function for wirelessly charging compatible devices.

SoftBank has committed to providing OS version upgrades for three years from the launch date, ensuring long-term usability for its customers.