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Sony Establishes New Subsidiary, Sony Research Corporation, for R&D

Photo by Nikita Kostrykin / Unsplash

Sony Group Inc. recently announced the establishment of Sony Research Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary dedicated to cutting-edge technologies’ research and development (R&D).

The new company aims to enhance creativity, intellectual property value, and fan engagement for creators worldwide while addressing social issues through innovative solutions.

Sony Research was established in December 2022 following the announcement of Sony’s strategic briefing. Building on the foundation of Sony AI Inc., established in 2020, the new subsidiary will primarily focus on sensing, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital virtual space technologies.

In addition, Sony Research intends to expand its research and operations into new areas.

Under the leadership of Sony Group CTO Hiroaki Kitano, the company will operate globally and collaborate with projects and partners worldwide.

Mr. Kitano emphasized that Sony aims to “fill the world with excitement through the power of creativity and technology.

He stated that Sony Research would support this mission by conducting R&D in sensing, AI, and digital virtual spaces and would play a central role in expanding Sony’s business in the coming years.

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