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South Korea Enhances Parking Lot Safety Measures for Electric Vehicles and Pedestrians

Photo by John Matychuk / Unsplash

South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) plans to amend the Enforcement Rules of the Parking Lot Act to increase safety for electric vehicles (EVs) and pedestrians.

The amendment will introduce a relaxation zone on parking lot ramps and detailed installation standards for alarm devices at parking lot entrances.

The amendment addresses concerns that EVs with bottom-mounted batteries could hit the end of the parking lot ramp when exiting, potentially causing damage.

It is also intended to improve the visibility of vehicles or pedestrians entering or exiting parking lots, reducing the risk of accidents.

The amendment will also clarify the inside radius standard for parking lanes, reducing confusion in architectural design and permitting processes.

In addition, it will provide a rationale for installing dedicated two-wheeler parking spaces in attached parking lots, improving convenience and reducing conflicts between building managers and users.

MOLIT’s General Transportation Policy Officer emphasized that the amendment is expected to significantly improve the safety of EVs and pedestrians using parking lots and that the ministry will continue to improve the system and strengthen safety management.

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