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South Korea-Mongolia ICT Pact: A Strategic Tech Alliance

Photo by Bishrelt Erdenebayar / Unsplash

Seoul, South Korea - South Korea's National Radio Research Agency (RRA) and Mongolia's Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). 

The MoU marks a significant step in bilateral cooperation on conformity assessment. 

This agreement focuses primarily on integrating South Korea's KC certification into Mongolia's radio certification process.

Why It Matters:

The MoU represents a strategic collaboration in ICT that has the potential to influence the dynamics of the industry in both countries.

It aligns Mongolia's ICT sector development goals with South Korea's technology standards.

The agreement could streamline certification processes for South Korean companies, making it easier for them to enter the Mongolian market.

The Key Points

  • The main entities involved are the RRA under South Korea's Ministry of Science and ICT and Mongolia's CRC under the Ministry of Digital Development and Communications.
  • The agreement aims to adapt South Korea's KC certification for use in Mongolia's radio certification process.
  • Cooperation will include mutual education, training, exchange of experts, and joint activities in certification and technical regulation.
  • The MoU establishes a framework for recognizing KC certification in Mongolia, parallel to CE certification in the European Union.

What They Say:

RRA Administrator Seo Seong Il stressed the importance of the agreement in reducing the complexity of exporting for South Korean companies. 

He emphasized that the agreement could make South Korea's KC certification equivalent to the European Union's CE certification, facilitating Korean companies' participation in the global market.

Seo also expressed his intention to expand the recognition of the KC certification in other countries to enhance the export capabilities of South Korean ICT companies.

What Comes Next:

The implementation of this MoU is expected to open up new opportunities for South Korean ICT companies in the Mongolian market. 

South Korean companies could gain a competitive edge in broader international markets by attaining certification equivalent to that of the European Union.