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South Korea Unveils $550B Plan to Become Global Semiconductor Powerhouse.

Photo by Maxence Pira / Unsplash

Seoul, South Korea - South Korean government has unveiled plans to transform its semiconductor industry into an unrivaled global powerhouse centered on a 21-million-square-meter manufacturing cluster south of Seoul. 

Backed by over $550 billion in private investment through 2047, the project aims to capture 10% of the global chip market while boosting domestic supply chain autonomy to over 50%.

The proposed mega cluster already houses 21 fabrication plants ("fabs") churning out memory and logic chips for tech giants like Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix. 

The government plans to add 16 more advanced fabs over the next quarter-century - 13 for mass production and 3 for research.

If realized, the expansion would generate 7.7 million silicon wafers per month by 2030 - more than any cluster worldwide today. 

South Korean government would also establish a leading-edge ecosystem producing sub-2-nanometer chips for applications from AI to quantum computing.

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