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South Korea's 1st Private 5G Network: Samsung, NAVER Cloud in Lead

Samsung Electronics and NAVER Cloud have decided to expand their partnership to implement Korea's first private 5G network in the construction industry at Hoban Construction.

The project is an extension of a previous initiative in 2022, where the two companies collaborated on a private 5G network at NAVER's headquarters.

Why it matters: Introducing a 5G network in the construction industry represents a new frontier in wireless communications, potentially significantly impacting job site operations.

Key points:

  • The new 5G network is designed to improve efficiency and safety on Hoban Construction sites. This will be achieved by deploying industry-specific applications such as drone-based monitoring, IoT concrete strength sensors, and advanced site management solutions.

  • As part of this project, Samsung will provide its 5G Standalone Compact Core and other solutions supporting the mid-band (4.7GHz) spectrum dedicated to private 5G networks in Korea.

  • NAVER Cloud, which holds a license for a private 5G dedicated spectrum in Korea, will lead the project. The company is Korea's first private 5G common carrier.

The Big Picture: The application of advanced network technology, such as 5G, is increasingly seen as a driver of change across industries.

Through this partnership, Samsung and NAVER Cloud aim to demonstrate how 5G networks can optimize operations and safety in the construction industry.