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Stability AI, Animechain to Create AI for Animation

Source: アニメチェーン」準備委員会

Tokyo, Japan - Stability AI Japan, the developer of the groundbreaking generative AI "Stable Diffusion XL," and Animechain LLC, a joint venture of Japanese AI and blockchain experts, have announced their intention to collaborate on the research of generative AI tools for the animation industry.

The proposed tools aim to learn deeply from the animation production process and understand animators' intentions to maximize their creativity. 

Unlike existing AI solutions, these tools are not intended to replace human animators but rather to support the production process and enhance the creative potential of the workforce.

The tools will maintain the existing anime production workflow while streamlining different work formats between 2D and 3D, detecting and correcting drawing errors, and performing other auxiliary tasks. 

This is expected to free animators from tedious tasks and allow them to focus on creative ideation. 

The tools will also support the training of new animators and the development of production skills, contributing to the industry's overall growth.

The support tools' co-development, which will work closely with production facilities to improve the quality of anime works, is scheduled to begin in spring 2024. 

Research and development will be guided by input from production facilities through the "Animechain Council" and will adhere to appropriate guidelines.

The collaboration addresses the severe shortage of skilled workers in the Japanese content industry, particularly in the anime sector, struggling to meet growing global demand. 

The introduction of generative AI with legitimate lineage using blockchain is essential to creating an environment where high-quality content can be produced more quickly, even with limited human resources, thus preventing industry stagnation and enabling sustainable growth.