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Streamlining Boarding: S. Korea's New PASS Smart Ticket System

Source: KT Corporation

Seoul, South Korea - PASS, the authentication application of a South Korean telecommunications company, is adding features to its smart ticketing system for boarding domestic flights.

Why it matters:

The introduction of the PASS smart ticketing system in South Korea marks a shift in boarding procedures for domestic air travelers, potentially streamlining the process.

The Key Points

  • Service Overview: The PASS smart ticketing system allows travelers to board domestic flights without traditional identification or boarding passes.
  • Who will participate: The initiative is a joint project and service between SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus, and the Korea Airports Corporation. Initially, 14 domestic airports, including Gimpo, Gimhae, and Jeju, will support the service. Jeju Air, T-way Air, Hi-Air, and Eastar Jet are participating, and Air Seoul will join soon. Expansion to all domestic carriers is planned.
  • How it works: Travelers use the PASS app, which combines the PASS mobile ID with a domestic boarding pass and generates a QR code for boarding authentication.
  • Security: The PASS mobile ID uses a real-time, one-person-one-terminal authentication policy. This enhances safety by instantly verifying ID and check-in information. In addition, the system is designed to prevent screen capture and QR pattern alteration, making it difficult to counterfeit.
  • Other features: Besides core boarding functions, the PASS app notifies users of flight status, airport facilities, and unexpected events such as flight or ticket cancellations.

The Big Picture:

As demonstrated by the PASS Smart Ticket, integrating mobile technology into air travel processes could redefine convenience and efficiency in the industry.

With more than 7 million users already using the PASS Mobile ID for various services in South Korea, there's a clear trend toward digital solutions in everyday activities.