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Taling Launches B2B Service 'Taling BIZ' to Provide Customized Corporate Programs.

Source: Taling

Taling, an online and offline class platform, has launched its B2B service Taling BIZ and announced that it would offer customized corporate welfare programs, including sports, hobbies and self-development, and vocational training programs.

The company has restructured its organization to focus on B2B services since Q3 2022 and saw a 62% increase in B2B GMV in Q4 of the same year.

In 2022, 151 companies, including Woowa Brothers and POSCO HR Center, used Taling BIZ.

Hanwha Life Insurance and Kookmin Bank actively used Taling’s online and offline courses to improve their employees’ hobby activities.

The platform’s main feature is its ability to provide corporate welfare and training programs simultaneously.

Creating a dedicated page for each company’s contact person further enhances user convenience by providing easy access to review and manage each department’s learning status, usage rate by period, content, and attendance status.

The company’s CEO stated that while there were challenges in operating the business in H2 2022, efforts such as restructuring the organization, developing and selling B2B tools, and reducing costs are being made to stabilize the business.

Taling, founded in 2016, has built an online and offline adult education optimization platform with a total of 20,000 tutors and 34,000 classes.

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