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TBS TV Broadens Reach with New Gaming Division, TBS GAMES

Source: TBS Games

TBS GAMES Teaser Site Launched as TBS TV Enters the Game Business

Why it matters: TBS TV, a leading Japanese broadcaster, is strategically moving into the gaming business.

The company announced on July 5 that it had launched a teaser site for "TBS GAMES," marking its bid to diversify its business beyond its traditional broadcasting roots.

The Key Points

  • TBS TV's foray into gaming is part of its broader strategy, "Creating the World of Tomorrow with the Best 'Time,'" which aims to increase non-broadcasting revenues by driving innovation in content creation in various fields.
  • The company's strategy, dubbed "EDGE" (Expand Digital Global Experience), is designed to facilitate unlimited expansion of the content it creates. The games business is an integral part of this effort.
  • TBS GAMES plans to leverage TBS Group's content creation capabilities to offer games across multiple platforms, including consumer, mobile, PC, arcade, card, and board games. The intention is to develop original intellectual properties (IPs) that could gain global popularity.
  • The company's game business teaser site will provide updates on upcoming game releases and related news, establishing a channel for potential users and investors to track the company's progress.

The Big Picture: TBS TV's entry into the gaming business reflects a broader trend in the industry as traditional media companies seek new revenue streams and expansion strategies.

As the lines between entertainment media blur, companies like TBS are adopting innovative approaches to expand their reach and remain competitive in an evolving media landscape.

By leveraging its content creation capabilities, TBS is diversifying its portfolio and positioning itself as a multi-faceted experience creator in a rapidly changing digital age.