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Tokyo Launches Ambitious Startup Initiative: Tokyo Innovation Base

Philip Lee, Pickool Inc.

Tokyo, Japan - The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has launched the Tokyo Innovation Base (TIB), a new initiative under its "Global Innovation with Startups" strategy. 

The project aims to transform Tokyo's startup scene, focusing on increasing the number of high-quality startups, fostering new business creation, and strengthening collaboration between the government and startups.

Why It Matters:

Japan still remembers its No. 1 ranking in IMD's World Competitiveness Ranking in 1989. 

Its capital, Tokyo, wants to develop an entirely NEW strategy and create social change through startups to break Japan's deadlock.

The TIB is central to Tokyo's ambition to be a key player in the global startup and innovation landscape.

It represents a strategic shift in Tokyo's approach to technology and entrepreneurship, integrating startups into a broader ecosystem that includes government, academia, and established businesses.

The Key Points:

  • Global Network: TIB collaborates with international initiatives such as Plug and Play and Startup Island Taiwan to expand Tokyo's global startup influence.
  • Growth through Collaboration: By partnering with organizations like the UTokyo Innovation Platform and the Sony Innovation Fund, TIB aims to foster open innovation and support startup growth.
  • Technology and Infrastructure: TIB includes the ST, a high-speed, low-latency local 5G environment, and the TIV 5G field, which enhances the technological resources available to startups.
  • Regular events and networking: TIB plans to host regular events in collaboration with various startup support organizations to maintain a vibrant, connected community.

Philip's Bubble.

The initiative is seen as a significant development in Tokyo's approach to fostering a dynamic and innovative startup ecosystem.

The Pickool team sees TIB's collaborative and open approach as a reflection of global trends in technology and entrepreneurship.

What Comes Next: 

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will host its flagship event, Sushi Tech Tokyo 2024, in May 2024. 

As competition for startup ecosystems intensifies between South Korea and Japan, two democratized and developed economies in Northeast Asia, Japan has thrown its hat into the ring to become the "hub of Asia."

On this day, the President of Startup Genome and the COO of participated in a talk session to celebrate the launch of TIB. 

According to the Startup Genome 2023 report, Tokyo is ranked 15th, and Seoul is ranked 12th.